40th Anniversary Celebration  1978-2018

The venue was the Lions Club of Orange Park.

We had 10 past club Presidents present.


John and Sara Guthrie, George Hoskins and Amy Bonnette were very instumental in organizing this event.

Club Past Presidents

Jim Finigan 1978

Harry Hooker 1979

Dave Taylor 1980

Sharon Paul 1981

Chuck Cornett 1982

John TenBroeck 1983

Jack Stanley 1984

Bill Zipperer 1984-1985

Chuck Cornett 1986

Frank Frazier 1987

India Hendley 1988-1990

Gordon Huddleston 1990

Stan Scarlett 1990-1991


Jim Emmert 1991-1993

Wally Lastinger 1993-1995

Ken Bendy 1995-1997

Lou Carter 1997-1999

Bill Cornell 1999-2000

John Powers 2000-2001

Hardie Alexander 2002-2003

Bob Boyd 2004-2005

Dave Bokros 2006-2008

Kellie Howard 2009-2010

Dan Adams 2011-2012

Scott Hershey 2013-2016

Michelle McCullough 2016-2017

Jon Guthrie 2017-Present



Current President Jon Guthrie started out the program by introducing all the past presidents. He then followed up asking all the past presidents a question about that the club when they were president.




February's 2015 - Social

 Tonight after a COLD group run we enjoyed a evening learning about running the trails of North Florida from Fellow Strider Jean Schubert. Jean works as a Parks Naturalist Supervisor for the City of Jacksonville. Jean gave an informative interactive talk tonight about the plant life and animals (and snakes) you may encounter while on a nature walk, off road ultra or trail run.

Pizza and beverages were provided as always.




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